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Meet Nicole

Wife | Mom | Certified Yoga Instructor

Hi, I'm Nicole and I'm the Yogi behind Prithvi (earth) Vinyasa.

I've been actively doing yoga for over a decade.

Regardless of my situation, I have always found my way back to yoga.

I fell in love with the practice in college after making the correlation between my prior love of tumbling/cheerleading and the flexibility and balance challenges that are ever-present in yoga.

Eventually my attraction to yoga evolved as I developed anxiety and depression in my early 20s. Yoga was a healthy outlet for me to link mind and body through breath and hold space for my health.

In my mid-20's I gained a sizeable amount of weight and even when running and other fitness classes felt too overwhelming, yoga was there for me. I may have allowed my diet and lifestyle to slide but I maintained my practice and strength.

When I was pregnant with my daughter in my late 20's I relied on prenatal yoga to provide me relief in my hips and back and also keep me in good practice with my breathing in prep for childbirth.

Postpartum I lost nearly 80lbs in that first year and refocused my priorities on my health. I practiced yoga along side strength training during this journey and came out on the other side with a drive to share my passion.

I spent my spare time (as a mother of a 3 year old this means, after her bedtime) completing my 200 hours yoga instructor certification so I could share yoga with as many people as possible.

No matter where you are in your journey, I beleive yoga can enrich your life.

My intention with Prithvi Vinyasa is to hold an outdoor space that truly feels like an escape for everyone to realign focus on themselves. Something we rarely do. We focus on so much around us and rarely extend ourselves grace for simply being a divine being who has the ability to move our body in amazing ways simply by thinking.

I want to introduce you and everyone you know to yoga. I want to meet you where you are! That said, these classes will be completely tip-based. If you can't pay, ok. If you love the class and you can leave a tip, thank you. Yoga should be accessible to those that wish to practice.

I will be holding once-weekly sunset sessions, each with a unique focus but always with options to modify. Each class will promote strength and leave you excited for the next.

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